MiNi slag barrel KB-507_RED
MiNi slag barrel
Product Information:

A very practical knock box which allows you to use as a tamping rest and also as a knock box. Small enough to fit under most group heads. If you are looking to save space, than this is the ideal accessory for you. The Tamping Stand knock box is available in four different colours - Black, Green, Red, Silver.
♦ Dishwasher Safe (no disassembly necessary)
♦ Non slip base
♦ Made from thermostable Polyprorylene plastic (food safe)
♦ Knock bar has a Thermoplastic Rubber surround to absorb impact from group handle.
♦ Durable - bar removes for ease of emptying.
♦ available in 4 different colours
♦ designed to be stored underneath the cup-bay of the home espresso machine.


• Height 11.0 cm
• Width 10.5 cm
• Depth 10.5 cm     
• Dump Bar Length 12.0 c


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